SEA Games 2023 and 12th ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia

sea games 2023

Cambodia hosts the 32th Southeast Asian Games in 2023 (SEA Games 2023) from May 05 until May 17, 2023. and 12th ASEAN Para Games with accordingly date.

It’s presenting the solidarity of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations from competition on the field amount the country members.

The event was celebrated under the presidency of Cambodia Prime Minister, Samdach Dechor Hun Sen and accompanied by higher rank government officers and the SEA Games Comities’ and and ASEAN Para Games.

Cambodia SEA Games 2023

It’s the first time for Cambodia that host this big events of 32th SEA Games (SEA Games 2023) and 12th ASEAN Para Games, the government is providing both Cambodian people and foreigners i.e. tourists, business owners, staffs or worker free of charge for participating the competitions.

It’s the big event in Southeast Asia and

Participant SEA Games

For making competition in the SEA Games 2023 event was joined by all Eleven ASEAN countries member nations as below:

  1. Brunei Darussalam
  2. Cambodia
  3. Democratic Rep. of Timor-Leste
  4. Indonesia
  5. Lao People’s Democratic Republic
  6. Malaysia
  7. Myanmar
  8. Philippines
  9. Singapore
  10. Thailand
  11. Vietnam

Event Locations

The activities of competition for SEA Games 2023 and 12th ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia are not just celebrated in Phnom Penh City, the committee allocated many location to conduct the competition such as:

  • Phnom Penh
  • Siem Reap
  • Sihanoukville
  • Kampot
  • Kep

SEA Games Schedule

The schedule of the events will start on Friday May 05, 2023 and ended by Wednesday May 17, 2023, but some team are start before the SEA Games opening ceremony i.e. from Saturday April 29, 2023.

How Many Type of Games Are Available Here?

Cambodia SEA Games 2023 has 46 types of games such as below:

[table id=5 /]


We noted that Cambodia got more medal than previous events, we also say the congratulations to the Cambodian athletes who won 282 national medals at the 32nd Southeast Asian Games 2023, including 81 gold, 74 silver and 127 bronze medals.

Below are the result of the SEA Games 2023:

Congratulations to Cambodia! You did it and you did it well! It has been 64 years since we waited for this day


The success and fame of the 32nd Southeast Asian Games is inseparable from the opening and closing ceremonies. Cambodia is truly proud of its spectacular and vibrant spectacles with deep meaning and the acclaim and acclaim of the world. As a Cambodian, I really appreciate the team, the teachers, the performers, the artists, the athletes, the forces, the students, the youth, the girls, the boys, the girls, the technical team and all of you who have worked hard together. Heart and gave all the energy to our motherland both of the opening and closing ceremonies, along with the accompanying events of the 32nd Southeast Asian Games, these aspects are an indispensable key factor as well as a major factor leading to this international sporting event to achieve the successful.

The people of Cambodia and around the world recognize that the arts and spectacle of the Southeast Asian Games, both the opening and closing ceremonies, made the hearts of the Cambodian people jump in unison, full of love, excitement and smiles. and pride at the same time. All of these wonderful hosting spirit forms a new history of a glorious era with a display of the potential and energetic power of the Cambodian nation.

Thank you for the smiles and proud shouts of all of you at the opening ceremony of the 32nd SEA Games. This is the language of the heart of Cambodia as the host to the athletes and fans of the 10 participating countries.

Please check this link for more detail.

SEA Games 2023


The event was closed with the fruitful result, happy and proud of our achievement. We noted that the best quote in the event is ” SPOTS LIVE IN PEACE” was announced by our prime minister.

On the evening of May 17, 2023, this is the closing day of the SEA Games 2023 that Cambodia has hosted. The closing ceremony of the SEA Games will feature more important scenes from the Techo Heritage National Stadium the evening.

Below the some of the picture of the event for the closing ceremony.

The closing ceremony of the 12th ASEAN Para Games 2023 under the highest presidency of Samdech Techo Hun Sen on the evening of June 9, 2023 at the Moradok Techo National Stadium, for more detail please CLICK HERE

Following the SEA Games 2023, Cambodia also celebrated the ASEAN Para Games 2023


Medal tally at the 12th ASEAN Para Games in Cambodia was started from 03 to 09 June 2023


Welcome to the 12th ASEAN Para Games in 2023!
Cambodia will not only host the recently concluded Southeast Asian Games, but Cambodia will host the 12th Paralympic Games in 2023 from June 03 to 09, 2023 in the territory of the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Sport not only brings health but also creates unity for all of us. For people with disabilities, access to competition promotes the right to liberty, equality and the full recognition of their rights and freedoms.

On the way to the 12th ASEAN Para Games 2023, Cambodia is ready to welcome 11 Paralympic delegations to our beautiful land. Please join us in supporting our Cambodian Paralympic athletes at this time. All have been focusing both physically and mentally to train in each discipline, as well as be fully prepared to achieve success as a new achievement for our motherland.ASEAN Para Games


This evening of June 09, Cambodia will celebrate another historic event, the closing ceremony of the 12th ASEAN Para Games 2023, which Cambodia has warmly hosted. As a Cambodian citizen, We are very proud and commend all the team in all areas who have dedicated their physical, mental, time and personal resources from before the start to today.

Following the His Majesty the King, and the Queen Mother of Cambodia, Cambodia, and the Cambodian people throughout the country enjoy full peace, sovereignty, national unity, territorial unity, security, stability and prosperity in all areas so far. The peace has allowed the Kingdom of Cambodia under the right leadership of the Royal Government to be able to achieve a series of achievements, especially the successful results of hosting the 32nd Southeast Asian Games. And the 12th ASEAN Para Games.

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