Phnom Penh and Takmao were put on lockdown

The Royal Government of Cambodia was announced to put Phnom Penh Capital and Takmao City on lockdown for 14 days, from 15th to 28th April, 2021 onward. Due to the Coronavirus is preading in the highest rate recently.

Such as yesterday, April 17, 2021, there are 618 new cases, recovery 60 cases, and 4 cases was died, according to the Ministry of Health reported.

Totally, there are 6,389 Covid-19 cases, 2,476 cases was recovered, and 43 cases was died, due to the report of Ministry of Health.

According to the huge Covid-19 pandemic in Cambodia, our Prime Minister, Samach Techo Hun Sen was announced to put Phnom Penh Capital and Takmao City on lockdown.

Please all people complying with the health or Covid-19 protection guideline of the WHO or the local responsible health department.

Especially, practise the following general guideline such as

(1).Wash your hand regularly

(2). Social distance

(3). Wearing mask, and

(4). Do not touch your mouth, eyes, and nose

I also wish my country and the rest of the world are fast recovery from this pandemic as soon as posible.

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