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How To Overcome The Real Situation In Covid19

Most people in the world are hurting with the impact of Covid19 Pandemic. There are many sectors were shutting down and no active such as in the tourism industry and other related fields

Today Global Covid-19 Pandemic in total of cases increase to 182,981,857.00 (One Hundred Eighty Two Million Nine Hundred Eighty One Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Seven) by July 01, 2021 and increasing everyday please Click Here for more detail.

Meanwhile Covid-19 are still spreading in the world, for our countries, Cambodia, during I am writing this article, by June 30, 2021, is the historical highest new cases of Covid-19 cases, included of 1,130.00 (One Thousand One Hundred and Thirty) new cases, 670 (Six Hundred and Seventy) were revered and new 27 (Twenty Seven) people were announced to be dies.

The Royal Government of Cambodia is committed to vaccinate 10 million people overall the country and Vaccines were bought and donated from China and WHO included Sinopharm, Sonovac and AstraZeneca.

As the result, by July 03, 2021, 4,528,296.00 (Four Million Five Hundred Twenty Eight Thousand and Two Hundred Ninety Six) of Cambodian people were gotten vaccine of Covid-19 equal to 44.70% (Forty Four Point Seventy Percent) of the vaccinated plan.

Does Covid-19 Impact The Business?

Absolutely right, most businesses are get impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the most hurting is tourism industry and some related fields because most countries were lock down and can not open the space or make international travel during the Covid-19 spreading. some countries and states announced to lock down their operation a few time in the purpose of preventing their people from this virus.

When the countries locked down, all business were stocked or closed their operation, make some of them facing the financial crisis for supporting their entities.

So they should take some actions to prevent their business from bankruptcy by cutting cost what ever they can and request some support from the governments.

Actually, in developed countries are getting better right now because of governments take fast actions to protect their businesses from this pandemic, both vaccination their people and providing the pandemic support fund for the business such as in the United States (USA), President Joe Biden signs $1.9tn relief bill into law for supporting both individual and businesses. Japan also provide their people and businesses with The Coronavirus Financial Aid Program in order to make sure their businesses and people can survive during the pandemic.

Beside internal support, the rich countries they also provide the global financial support for their international affair for helping the developing counting with preventing the pandemic of the covid-19 included United States, Japan, United Kingdoms and so on.

For emerging or exotic countries, their business and people are facing financial crises right now, according to the long-term of pandemic, the business can not survive their operations, that’s why some business are announcing to cut their staffs for reducing the operation cost and some business filing bankruptcy because the governments unable to support their businesses ‘operation, even the people who revoke from their job also get nothing support from the government as well. Thus they try to live by themselves without any supports. Can you imaging this situations? How hard they are? and How do the stress they get?

How It effects The Individual?

Covid-19 grant the impact for individual person both finance and health.

Financially, due to they can not go to work and some lost their jobs, that’s why they are losing their income, for the developed countries can get support from their governments such as the United States, the government provides $1,400.00 (One Thousand Four Hundred U.S Dollar) Payment of Covid-19 Recue Check for its people during the lockdown and Canada provides $2,000.00 (Two Thousand U.S Dollars) Payment for Its people, But for exotic countries their people try to survive by themselves, no fund support. most people are hurting related the financial crisis according to the business stuck their operation or filing bankruptcy for business owner or lost the current job without income for employees and doesn’t get any support from the governments or the government keep silent for their people financial crisis. How about you? if you have the problem like what is stipulated or want to add some idea please comments below.

For health, the people are facing both physicals and metal health problems, due to the covid-19 are strong pandemic, upgrade its system from basic to pro, the condition of vaccination, some people do not vaccinated, and effective of vaccine. Thus the people still get most impact of Covid-19 and the cased are still increase except the developed countries included U.S, U.K, and some others. The people feel not secure with the pandemic due to the government actions.

For mental health of the developing counties, people get nervous  because of not secure with the pandemic and no funding support for their living, lost their job and no income, and the people need to pay the loan from the bank. This situation make the people have the metal problem.

By surviving ourselves, please take some reading in the following paragraph, I will introduce you the way to prevent the covid-19, and how to make money during jobless or stay home.

The Ways To Solve The Problem

Below is what I want to share you some technique to solve our problem in this period of time.

For mental, even though you do not positive in covid-19, you should take care your health by apply the WHO Guideline such as:

  1. Wash your hand regularly
  2. Social Distance
  3. Wearing Mask, and
  4. Do not Touch your mouth, eyes, and nose

Drink some tea with, honey bee, and ginger, and so on , please read this videos “How To Drink Tea During Covid-19“for more understand.

In Case you get positive test of Covid-19 and do not get any treatment by the government of treatment by yourselves, please watch this video on “Traditional Covid-19 Treatment” shared by a sister who live in the United States, she get the experience of self-treatment of Covid-19 for her family who positive of Covid-19.

Please take a look at more tips at the below headline.

The next, we are talking about how to make money during the Covid-19 pandemic.

During the Covid-19 most business are stocked, but we realize that one industry is get more return is digital or online shopping, such as Amazon, Amazon’s Net Profit Soars 84% With Sales Hitting $386 Billion in 2020, Alibaba, Alibaba Group Announces March Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2021 Results, and other digital businesses.

This is what I want you to know and you can take your time at home for developing the extra income from your home by earning money online.

How to develop or make money online please click here “HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITH LITTLE MONEY?” I explain the way to make money online inn detail in this article.

You also learn the course on making money online in the real source here with “Wealthy Affiliation” is the best website and guide you more detail with make money online.

Last time I lost some money with other make money online platform because of the we do not get any experience in this field, but after I join Wealthy Affiliate over a year I realize this source is the best platform, make me trust and want to share with you.

You can check my blog for more detail and you can shop direct from Amazon Store through by site.

Tips For Self-Treatment Of Covid-19

You can read the this article “How to beat Covid19“for your knowledge, and I want to share about the medicines use for treatment of Covid-19.

This article is from my friend, Mr. Sok Sivutha, who live in the United States who has relative positive of Covid-19 and he ask the doctor in the U.S. and sharing in the Facebook.

This is what he posted in the Facebook which translated from Khmer into English.

“Because of my relative get covid-19 positive, I asked the doctor here (U.S.A) if you get Covid-19 and stay home you should use these medicines, you can use Tylenol and Motrin, but 4 hours differently, take Tylenol 4 hours later take Motrin, and Take Aspirin and Vitamin C only one time in the morning. Also take Zinc one time in the morning (Zinc is high Protein), and Drink a lot of water”.

You can buy some medicine from here



After you read the above article, you can realize the situation of people in the global and How To Overcome The Real Situation In Covid19 for survive ourselves.

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Thanks for reading this article. If you have any questions or doubts, or discussions, please drop your comments below.

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3 thoughts on “How To Overcome The Real Situation In Covid19”

  1. This updated topic brings a lot of discussion around it! Truth be told everybody agrees this pandemic crisis brings a lot of suffering in various aspects. Financially is a disaster for the “small” ones as they are always the ones to pay for the crisis. The rich are becoming richer and the poor poorer. In terms of health, it’s a shame nobody thinks about medicine to cure it rather than a vaccine to “hide” it and let people believe it’s safe after taking it. That’s only my opinion.
    Thanks for sharing and keep safe!

    1. Yes the rich are become richer and the poor are become the poorer, both metal and physical health are the key that all governments should take into account for their people, especially for emerging countries.

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