S.SORATH Currencies & Commodities US Dollar strength; moving up with all counterparts

US Dollar strength; moving up with all counterparts

US Dollar Strength

Early of the week, we see the power of the US Dollar is in the uptrend compared with the other counterparts, The US Dollar strength is the most important indicator with the other currencies and commodities.

US Dollar Index (DXY)

The price of US Dollar, DXY is 101.500 at 12:00 PM (GMT +7) due to the price of the exchange (OTC). The US Dollar Index is keep its uptrend after break the key point 99.500 on March 08, 2022.

You can check the piece of the DXY here, if you can need more detail or discussions please drop your comments in the comment box.

Caparison the commodities and currencies price

According to the data release today and the price of the exchange rate last week on the topic of Gold Prices Rise, Riel Mixes After Khmer New Year and the US Dollar index live chart show that US dollar is still stronger if we make a comparison of the commodities and currencies’ price with the US Dollar. The below commodities and currencies are week whereas the US Dollar is strong.

  • Gold price (XAU)
  • Khmer Riel (KHR)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Australia Dollar (AUD)
  • Chinese Yuan (CNY)
  • Thailand Bath (THB)
  • Vietnam Dong (VND)
  • Singapore Dollar (SGD)
  • Korea Won (KRW)

Chart of commodities and currencies of this week

Please see the chart of price comparison of commodities and currencies of the week.

The reasons of the US Index is strong

Why US Dollar is so strong?

The reason of the strength in the US Dollar is according to the chronic war of the Russia invasion Ukraine. Most traders and investors are still concern on the crisis. US Dollar is the global currencies and the trust once, even though the war is continued.

Investors and traders are selling out their commodities and stock in the exchanges because the uncertainty of global economy and geopolitics trend.

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4 thoughts on “US Dollar strength; moving up with all counterparts”

  1. We live in the US and to most people, they view US currency as a short way to pay off debit and for plessure. The strength of the US dollar seems to be up and down in the stock market.
    With this we will continue to watch our stocks to see what happens with the war.


    1. Yes brother, the movements of the US Dollars is more effected or fluctuated in the stock markets.
      In the real situation, the people feel it’s simple because the amount of trading is small whereas in the stock markets or exchange traders used the contracts with the specific amount for trading.

  2. Thank you for this article. I am also a trader and I have seen US dollar shooting up like crazy. I actually missed many trades which I had planned because I was waiting for an entry which could did not happen.

    1. Yes brother, great to hear from you, as a trader who have a good trading plan and discipline to follow the plan like you will get more better in the future.

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