Khmer New Year History

Khmer New Year History

People of all nationalities celebrate their traditional New Year Events variety based on the real situation of each country. It’s just set the time of event is different according to the traditions and customs of their nations. The Khmer people, also has the personal history to celebrate the Khmer New Year until now. We have seen the documents and listens to the mature people (Fiscal Person in the villages) that talking about the New Year events. Thus, today we are raising the of topic of Khmer New Year History for your knowledge. This article we fully translated from the Ministry of Culture and Fine Art, The Kingdom of Cambodia.


It is said that at the beginning of the story, there was a rich man who had a son named Thammabal Komar, who was a very wise man who learned to finish the Trivet Bible at the age of seven. The rich man built a temple for the children of Thammabal near a big tree on the river bank, which is home to birds. Thammabal Komar knows the language of all birds and can be a priest performing various blessings for all people.

At that time, people used to regard Maha Brahma and Kabel Maha Brahma as the performers of happiness for all people. At that time, Kabel Moha Brahma heard the news and came down to the earth and ask 3 (three) questions to Thammabal Komar, promising that if the Thammabal Komar could solve the riddle, Kabel Moha Brahma would cut off his head to sacrifice to the Thammabal Komar, but if the Thammabal Komar could not Solve the riddle and then Kabel Moha Brahma will cut off the head of the child monk.

The Thammabal Komar asked for a seven-day delay to think of a parable. Six days later, the child monk still did not think and realized that this morning he would be killed by Judge of the Kabel Moha Brahma for sure. Therefore, it is better to run and hide to die by himself. Only then the child monk descend from the temple and hide under a pair of palm trees.

On the palm tree, there is an eagle nesting. At night, the female eagle asks the male eagle, “What did we eat this morning?” male eagle replied, “We will eat the flesh of the child dharma (Thammabal Komar) that was killed by Kabel Moha Brahma, because the child dharma could not solve the riddle.” The eagle asked, “What is that parable?” male eagle answers:

7 goddesses of the year

Below are the answers

  1. Where is the morning glory? Answer is on the surface of faces. That is why people have to wash their faces.
  2. The second parable alleges that where is the noon of glory? Answer is on the chest. That is why people have to wash their chests with water.
  3. The third parable alleges that where is the evening time of glory? Answer is on foot. That is why people have to wash their feet with water. Thammabal Komar heard this and returned to the temple.

In the morning, Kabel Moha Brahma came to ask the parable of the children. The children’s dharma answers as heard. Kabel Moha Brahma also accepted that he was right, agreed to surrender and was willing to keep his promise.

How To Keep Kabel Moha Brahma’s Head?

Kabel Moha Brahma called the seven goddesses, his daughters, who were the devotees of Indra, and told them that now the father had to cut off his head to sacrifice to the child dharma, but if

  • He placed his head on the earth, it would be a fire in the universe.
  • Thrown into the air, will lead to rain.
  • Dumped in the ocean, the water will dry up.

So let the seven children take the trophy to receive the father’s head. After that, he cut off his head and passed it to Princess Tung, the eldest daughter. Princess Tung also took the trophy to receive her father’s head and marched on mount Sumeru for 60 minutes, then went to take her oath of allegiance in the Kantha Mali Cave on Mount Kailas and sacrificed various magical objects.

Vishnu, the son of Tevbot, also envisioned a magic factory made of seven kinds of glass called “Phakavati Assembly Hall” as the meeting place of the devas. At the end of the first year of Sankranti, the seven goddesses take turns to invite the head of Sakyamuni Brahma to come out to pay homage to Mount Sumeru every year, and then return to the heavenly place to keep it.

Name of Goddesses (Tep Thida) Mohasangkrant and Accessories

Below is the name of the goddesses Khmer Called Tep Thida, the daughter of Kabel Maha Brahma for new year and the accessories.

[table id=2 /]

Waiting Next Article on Khmer New Year History

A continue of reading of the Khmer new year history please click Khmer New Year History (Part 2). This article is including.

  • New Year Tradition Celebration.
  • What is Maha Sankranti?
  • How many days of Celebrating the Khmer New Year?

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  1. Good site and interesting story. I have always been fascinated by how other nations and cultures celebrate the New Year. Traditions are different and it is very interesting to me how they dress, costumes, their choreography and the like. There are a lot of interesting facts that every child should know.

    1. That’s correct sister, thanks for your comments and idea, and welcome to Cambodia! If you have a free time, we encourage you to visit Cambodia, the country of wonder. There many customs, traditions, and old cultures for you to learn and gain more experiences. We will make more articles on the Khmer New Year History (Part 2) in the next day hope you support.

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