S.SORATH Currencies & Commodities Khmer Riel Price in up Trend

Khmer Riel Price in up Trend

khmer riel

The price Cambodia’s currency, Khmer Riel, bases the data last week on Gold Price is at resistance level┬áis more positive in the Cambodia market.

KHR is more increase it’s price with the counterparts except Thailand Bath (THB) and Vietnam Dong (VND). The price of Khmer Riel still remain the same with THB i.e. bid 121 and ask 122 and VND is bid 177 and ask 179 on April 11, 2022.

For more detail please see the table below with comparing to the last week price.

exchange rate

Data shows that the price of Cambodia’s currency, KHR is more strengthen due to investors are considering Cambodia is more secure or safe than other countries that getting the impacts of the geopolitics in the region.

Whereas the price of gold still remain increase by kept it’s uptrend. The positive of Gold price because of the uncertainty of global geopolitics, Russia invade in Ukraine.

United State Dollar is also remaining as the strong currency right now, the U.S Index (DXY) stays at 95.75 level at 10.00h (GMT+7) on April 12, 2022.

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