S.SORATH News &Politics Joe Biden is preparing for War

Joe Biden is preparing for War

Joe biden

The U.S. president, Joe Biden requested the houses for approving the fund in the amount of 33 (thirty-three) Billion US Dollars for the war in Ukraine according to the news release of CNBC today.

The budget of request use for military support to the countries that occur the conflict such as Ukraine and direct budget support the Ukraine.

On the other hand Mr. Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia warned that he will take any actions or retaliations as ‘lightning fast’ to countries that intervene his invasion program.

What is the direction of the War?

This war is still chronic because Mr. Putin is keeping his ambitious to invade Ukraine, and trying to take control some province of Ukraine.

For Ukraine people do not allow Mr. Putin take their land, they love their nation, they are going to do all their best for the territory and they need free, fair and democracy.

For more detail you can read my last article on Will Russia and Ukraine Start World War?

My point of view the Ukraine war will develop the world war III in the near future because today Mr. Putin loses everything beside his life and family so he can do anything without reason.

Whereas the western and American leaders are cautions of Mr. Putin’s activities because they need protect themselves from the war and do not let Mr. Putin achieves his colonized plan in the region.

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6 thoughts on “Joe Biden is preparing for War”

  1. Great and informative article.

    Tense and nervous times to be living in, I really don’t like the sound of this at all.

    Thanks for the post.

    1. Absolutely right, no one in the world want to see the war, because war makes many people die. We hope and pray for peace, we hate war.

  2. Good article, it’s remind me a lot of many factors of developing the war and it can be caused of the world war 3?

    Thanks for your hard working and well done brother.

    1. Thanks for your comments and ideas on our article, Joe Biden is preparing for war, it is important topic reminds the people about the progress of developing war and it can become the world war.

  3. Great articles of “Joe Biden is preparing for war” provide me more idea and knowledge related to the Ukraine war. I hope everything is more better than the current situations. Thanks for great work and well done.

    1. Yes, it’s just give you an update news by focusing on the current events of the world. If you have any more information please drop your comments here.

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