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Will Russia, Ukraine Start World War 3 (WW3)?


The hard time for Ukraine’s military are appearing right now, the fighting between Russia and Ukraine was stated nearly four weeks. The Russian troops are reaching near Kyiv Capital, the biggest capital of Ukraine. Russia Solders was killed more than Ukrainian Soldiers and people and Can it make the World War 3?.

There are many people were killed and injured during the war, both parts are getting impact from this fighting. Most people in the world are wonder that it can become the world war ?

The answer still not clear direction, even Russia tries to threat Ukraine by explore the missiles and announced his military leaders are waiting his order, but for United States and NATO are not take any serious actions except following up and imposed sanction on Russia’s financial system, banking and billionaires include president Vladimir Putin.

Will Russia and Ukraine start world war 3 (WW3)?

Before answer this question, please study some components or factors of both parties.

Fighter 1, Russia

Russia, or we can say Russia Federation is the nation located in eastern European and north Asia. Russia is the largest country in the world with the 17,125,191 square kilometers and 145.5 (one hundred forty-five point five) million populations, since 2000 this country management system is under and governed by Mr. Vladimir Putin and the executive power also depended on this guy.

This country has facing the economic development i.e. the growth is decrease since dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, many countries in the eastern Europe are getting independent accordingly.

Politic Condition: The Political Frame Work of Russia is The Federal Semi-Presidential Republic of Russia, There are President and Prime Ministers, The Prime Minister was appointed by President and need approved by the legislative power i.e. the houses.

The executive power is on the Prime Minister, but the reality of control power is on Mr. Putin, since Mr. Putin token office in 1999 even he holds the position of President or Prime Ministers, we can say Mr. Putin is the Ego Man in Russia.

Thus, everything is on Mr. Putin’s hand!!!

Economic condition: Russia economy depended on oil and natural gas, it is one of the most the largest oil producers and the second natural gas producer (2013) in the world.

Russia is the eleven largest country by nominal GDP (2017)

Below are the components that contribute to the GDP of Russia:

  • Large service sector 62%
  • Industry sector 32%
  • Small agriculture 6%

Export Partner

The five main exported countries (based on % of GDP of each countries) in which Russia export its products and services to such as below:

  • China 18.5% (data 2021)
  • United State of America USA 10.2% (data 2020)
  • Germany 43.4% (data 2020)
  • Japan 15.5% (data 2020)
  • United Kingdom (UK) 27.9% (data 2020)

For the top five exporting partners of Russia, 75% of them are the countries that practicing or holding democratic system.

Fighter 2, Ukraine

Ukraine is the eastern European country. This country is the second biggest country in Europe after Russia with the area 603,628 km2 and population 41,167,336.00 (Data 2022, exclude Crimea). Ukraine got independent from Soviet Union in 1991 after this regime was dissolution.

Political Condition: Ukraine still follow the Russia System by adapt the Semi-Presidential System i.e. leading the country President and Prime Minister and separation of powers into legislative, executive, and judicial branches.

The direction of the political trend was change after Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky assume the office in 2019 because this guy want bring Ukraine to attend NATO and it’s also what he promised with Ukrainian during the election campaign and get most support of president election in 2019.

Economic Condition: Ukraine is the poorest country in Europe and the severely corrupt country in the region (in 2012), with low-middle income economy,

The main products that Ukraine produce are:

  • Transportation Vehicle
  • Spacecraft

Export Partner

The main export partner of Ukraine are

  • European Union: There are 27 member countries of European Union.
  • Commonwealth Independent States (CIS): The country located in eastern Europe and Asia.

Cause and Reason of The War

Since Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (Russian SFSR) was disconsolate in 1991, the member nations were gotten independent included Ukraine. But Russia not happy with this situation, it does not want the former members leave Russia alone, they try to take them with, and getting support from them.

But everything is not like what Mr. Putin’s ambitious because each country has the right and freedom for serving their people. Actually Ukraine, after get independent from Russia, there are many presidents and politicians support Russia or we can say Pro-Russia and announced itself as “Neutral” because those leaders want to make Russia happy. Unfortunately, Mr. Volodymyr Zelensky is not Pro-Russia Politician, I promised with Ukrainian change direction of this country to western union by bringing Ukraine to attend NATO (The North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The idea is not sweet for Mr. Putin, he is not happy, feeling is not good when heard this word, has has.

Above mentions is the reason that Mr. Putin invade in Ukraine, Who is Wrong and Who is Right?

Want to know who is the right, please read below article…!

The Stand of International Stakeholders

Russia has been invaded in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, excluding., Most People and leaders in the world requested Mr. Putin stop fighting with Ukraine and withdraw his troop from Ukraine, but Russia do nothing.

Among those countries, United Kingdom (UK), Mr. Boris Johnson and his administration, the houses and lawmakers call for stopping war or invasion in Ukraine. UK is the first country imposed sanction on Russia’s billionaires and people who support Putin’s administration.

United States also take some heavy sanctions on Russia’s Billionaires, Mr. Putin’s Administration, Banking and Financial System. US, EU, UK and its alliance warn all businesses in the globe do not trade the Russia’s Gold and seize Russia’s gold reserve.

Japan and Australia also tack some sanctions on Russia’s richer men and seize their assets, financial system, and support Ukrainian administration.

European Union (EU) announced sanction on Russia and some billions and seized their assets for pushing Mr. Putin withdraw the troops from Ukraine.

The United Nation (UN)’s countries members request Russia immediately ceases use of force against Ukraine and withdraws its military forces, based on United Nation announce on March 03, 2022, excluding that “Members of the UN General Assembly applaud the passing of a resolution demanding that Russia immediately ceases use of force against Ukraine and withdraws its military forces. The adoption of the resolution – following a vote of 141 in favor, 5 against and 35 abstentions”.

The Objective of Fighting, why Russia fight with Ukraine?

Russia and Ukraine have the same medieval kingdom, called Kyivan Rus. But both countries do not have relationship since 1300s.

In 1991, the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia and Ukraine became the independent nation, but Russia does not want his brother to join other organization that has different political trend.

After Ukraine join NATO, Russia is not comfort because both countries is the neighboring countries.

Russia need support him included political, financial, and economic functions.

The ambitious of Putin is want to create the Soviet Union again because he want to increase power of Russia and control the economic in the region.

This war is call Invaded war of Russia, all people know, but Russia administration does not call invasion, instead called “The war against NAZI”

Whereas Ukraine is just fighting for protection their home, they need peace and safety for their people. Ukraine does not have an ambitious beside need security and prosperity citizen.

Will World War 3 (WW3) is Start ?

World War 3 occurs or doesn’t it’s depend on Russia, because Russia is the key. Putin take more invasion in Ukraine illegally and Ukrainian were more injure, or Russia used missiles, it’s the reason NATO and United States take more actions. This case confirms the World War 3 start.

How about the future trend of Putin

I don’t want to call Russia, it’s just Putin, he wants Ukraine leaders obey him, doesn’t allow them to join other organization, especially who have different political trend.

Thus, he does all the best to protect to achieve goal.

Do NATO, U. S and Alliance allow Russia reach it goal?

The Answer is ABSOLUTLY NO!

If Russia cusses it will give big impact to the world, the block of communism will spread around the world and insecurity for all countries in the world.

The power countries will increase their power and make colonize the weaker nations. The global unrest will appear, more social conflict, more fighting, more war the result the global economic will crush.

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  1. I have been keeping track of the war between Russia and Ukraine as much as I can to find out if other countries going to start fighting as well. We do not need another World War, but I feel for Ukraine and the way Putin is doing wish other countries like the United States will go over and fight. I usually do not comment on news like this, however, I enjoyed reading your news article! 

    1. That’s great and thanks Jannette for your comments and ideas. We are hope all leaders will find out the best way to solve the case with peace.

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